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multiphysics modeling of heat transfer
Multiphysics modeling of Natural Convection

AltaSim Technologies provides specialized services and products to help our customers develop innovative and cost effective improvements to their products, technologies and processes. We support customers in the United States and internationally by offering:


Consulting Services:

Our experienced team of scientists and engineers combines multiphysics simulations with industrial experience to analyze the effectiveness of innovative technology to provide new products and processes, and to develop solutions to existing real world problems.  Our proprietary approaches have demonstrated savings for new technology and product development of up to 90% of the time and simultaneously 50% of the cost. Our expertise includes heat transfer, structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, materials, electromagnetics, plasma technology, thermal management of electronic components and circuits, and fluid structure interactions (Learn more).



To further the exploitation of advanced multiphysics modeling we share our expertise through focused, personal training courses at both the introductory and advanced level. Participants learn how to use COMSOL Multiphysics to solve real world problems from scientists and engineers that use COMSOL Multiphysics on a daily basis to solve problems and develop innovative solutions. Training is offered through personalized classroom instruction and web based instructor led classes that draw upon our decades of experience in applying COMSOL Multiphysics (Register for Training).


Technology Apps

To increase the ease and effectiveness of applying the benefits of advanced multiphysics modeling, AltaSim develops focused Technology Apps that allow practicing engineers with limited knowledge of computational analysis to use predefined advanced multiphysics computational modeling routines. These Technology Apps provide simplified interfaces that control the input and problem set up, these are seamlessly integrated with automated mesh generation, solver set up and execution of the solution and display of the results of  the multiphysics analysis (Learn more).


Our work supports customers developing products, processes and technology for application in the Medical and Life Sciences, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Energy, Materials, Consumer Products, Automotive, Defense, Ship Construction and Electronics and Communication industries.



Jan 2016
COMSOL Conference and 5.2

COMSOL Conference and 5.2
Better Than Ever
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Jul 2015
COMSOL Midwest Meeting

COMSOL Midwest Meeting
July 22, 2015
Columbus, OH



Thought Leadership

MEMS Energy Harvester for Reusing Waste Heat

MEMS Energy Harvester for Reusing Waste Heat

During our recent webinar with COMSOL on thermal-structure interaction modeling, we at AltaSim Technologies demonstrated modeling of a MEMS energy harvester that scavenges waste heat. Examples of sources for waste heat range from microprocessor chips, to internal combustion engines, to chemical processing plants. If the waste heat generated from these cases could be used to generate additional energy, then overall energy consumption could be reduced. Read More

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)

Ceramic Matrix Composites: Background We are often asked “What do you mean by fully coupled multiphysics simulations?” By way of answering this question we are providing a series of Blog articles that will explain the background to a fully coupled multiphysics simulation using a direct example on simulating the processing of ceramic matrix composites (CMC), advanced materials for use in next generation aero-engine applications. Read More