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Instructors from AltaSim Technologies draw on their experience as COMSOL Certified Consultants solving a wide range of problems on a daily basis to provide COMSOL training that focuses on the practical aspects of performing realistic analysis over a wide range of physics. AltaSim Technologies offers introductory and advanced  training classes  to help you grow in your use and understanding of COMSOL Multiphysics.
If you are interested in a comprehensive introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics, then please consider Solving COMSOL Multiphysics Problems: An Introductory COMSOL Multiphysics Training Course.  Our advanced courses provide experienced users of COMSOL Multiphysics with training in specific applications.

AltaSim Technologies teaches the following courses:


COMSOL Training  (2018)







  • 4-6         – Solver Setting for Effective Analysis in COMSOL Multiphysics (web-based)
  • 10-20     – Solving COMSOL Multiphysics Problem (web-based)
    • Session 1 (Introduction to FEA Modeling) – December 10
    • Session 2 (Introduction to Modeling in COMSOL) Required – December 11
    • Session 3 (Creating Geometries for COMSOL Modeling) – December 12
    • Session 4 (Setting up Physics in COMSOL) – December 14
    • Session 5 (Building Custom Meshes in COMSOL) -December 18
    • Session 6 (Working with the Study Node) – December 19
    • Session 7 (Post-processing with the Results Node) – December 20
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How long does it take to complete S3?
Study and Simulate are a function of Solve. The scope and complexity of the required solution will determine the time required to identify the root causes, isolate the critical parameters, and develop cross disciplinary/multifunction solutions that provide sustained benefit.
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