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Since its inception in 2002, AltaSim Technologies has enabled our customers to explore, develop and apply alternative solutions without the delays and expense associated with traditional testing and evaluation by harnessing our engineering technology and advanced computational and multiphysics analysis capabilities. AltaSim’s experience performing complex multiphysics modeling allows us to analyze the complex combinations of technology required in today’s new products and processes.



Staff of AltaSim Technologies



AltaSim Technologies is more than a collection of highly skilled engineers solving problems associated with complex analyses and advanced multiphysics computational simulations. We are also a team that is drawn together by a common sense of purpose that is reflected in our mission statement:
“At AltaSim Technologies, we harness tomorrow’s technology to enable our customers to capture today’s markets.”


Embedded in this statement is a commitment to:

  1. Provide lasting value to our customers
  2. Apply technology to enhance the capabilities of our customers
  3. Continue to make an ongoing technical contribution to society
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to complete S3?
Study and Simulate are a function of Solve. The scope and complexity of the required solution will determine the time required to identify the root causes, isolate the critical parameters, and develop cross disciplinary/multifunction solutions that provide sustained benefit.
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