AltaSim Technologies’ staff has over 25 years expertise in the development and
application of finite-element based analysis using ABAQUS . We have applied ABAQUS
to understand the behavior of laboratory-based tests and the response of large scale
complex structural components. AltaSim’s engineers can accurately simulate the
behavior of a range of conditions including:

  • Linear and Non-linear materials and structural behavior
  • Combined structural and thermal loading (thermomechanical analysis)
  • Fracture mechanics (linear and nonlinear)
  • Component lifetime assessment, structural stability, and identification of safe operating conditions and inspection intervals
  • High-rate loading including impact, metal forming and explosive loading of
    water (UNDEX) and land based (AIREX) applications
  • Heat transfer due to conduction, convection and radiation
  • Large deformation using explicit solver techniques
  • Surface contact, impact analysis and inelastic buckling phenomena
  • Structural vibration
  • Complex materials response including linear, non-linear and time dependent
    behavior including traditional structural, thermo-elastic/plastic and biomaterials
  • Specialized user material models (UMATS)

Over the years, AltaSim’s expertise in these areas has supported a wide range of
technology developments including the design of large scale ship structures subject to
high rate loading and small scale implanted medical devices under loading from
human body activity; the identification of safe operating limits and inspection intervals
for damaged petrochemical plants, and the manufacturing conditions for automotive
component production; the impact of manufacturing induced residual stresses on the
behavior of complex structures and the development of material processing and
manufacturing operations.


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Study and Simulate are a function of Solve. The scope and complexity of the required solution will determine the time required to identify the root causes, isolate the critical parameters, and develop cross disciplinary/multifunction solutions that provide sustained benefit.
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