Concept Development

New technology often requires the development of prototypes to demonstrate the effectiveness of the final innovation. Our customers can make use of AltaSim Technologies’ analytical capabilities to perform these evaluations in the virtual computer environment rather than pursuing the traditional time consuming and expensive manufacture-test-redesign cycle.

Our customers use the technical capabilities at AltaSim to isolate the influence of key parameters on the operation of their concept. In doing so, they can evaluate the potential opportunities for commercialization of their concepts. AltaSim also assists our customers by identifying the significance of key parameters in determining the required level of performance or product yield. These analyses allow the customer to focus on the development of strict control practices for the parameters that are of real importance and identify specifications and tolerances that must be maintained to ensure high quality production.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to complete S3?
Study and Simulate are a function of Solve. The scope and complexity of the required solution will determine the time required to identify the root causes, isolate the critical parameters, and develop cross disciplinary/multifunction solutions that provide sustained benefit.
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